Taxes in Hungary

Taxes in Hungary, Taxation in Hungary, Taxes system in Hungary

III. Personal income tax (SZJA) (Act CXVII. Of 1995.) 1) as the basis for calculating the cumulative tax and tax The method for calculating the cumulative tax base has changed significantly since 1 January 2010. This means the one hand, changing the tax scale, according to which the lower tax rate of personal income decreased to 17%, while the corresponding increase in the scale range of 5 million forints. The rate of income tax on individuals with revenue in excess of 5 million is 32%, and a separate tax was repealed. On the other hand is an important change that the basis for calculating tax on 1 January 2010. contain in themselves. complementary basis for calculating the amount of tax referred to in the Act SZJA. This means that part of zkumulowanej basis for calculating the tax amount is determined on the basis of the rate of social security contributions paid by the employer from wages (from 1 January 2010. Rate of 27%), in the absence of the additive amount of the obligation of health insurance (from 1 January 2010. rate is also 27%). (Of course, the basis for calculating social security contributions, sickness allowance is still gross income, without any supporting basis for calculating the amount of tax). Along with changes to the tax scale has been modified on the "rules. zmiejszającej amount of tax, under which the amount of that amount is 17% of which was taken along with a complementary basis for calculating the amount of tax, however, may not exceed 15,100 per month,-Ft s (181,200 per year, - Ft-s). The full amount should be reducing the tax in cases where zkumulowana basis for the calculation of the tax fails to reach 3,188,000 Ft s, and if it exceeded the amount should be reduced by 12% of income up to the ceiling of 4 million 698 thousand. Ft-s. New method of calculating also be used for determining the advance tax, whose divergent rules with respect to individuals, the payer and the employer were standardized and somewhat simplified. In determining the amount of the advance tax declaration of the individual to use TOR. decreasing the amount of tax or a reduction of family influences on the amount of payment for removal. From 1 January 2010. has greatly changed the scope and tenure of the revenues of the individual, to require the TOR. complementary basis for calculating the amount of tax. For example, the employer's financial assistance for housing purposes, the remuneration of senior citizens anniversary, a cash benefit to the military academy scholarship holder previously belonged to the circle of benefits are exempt from the tax went to the circle of untaxed benefits. Second) Tax Was considerably narrowed the circle of tax credits, thereby excluding tax relief for small agricultural producers, the personal allowance (in case of disability) and family allowances are abolished zmiejszające amount of input tax on zkumulowanej basis for calculating tax. Have been repealed: the tuition deduction, the deduction for donations for the purposes of public use, the deduction for pension and life insurance, due to complete the membership fee paid for the pension fund in respect of membership fee paid pursuant to an agreement in respect of domestic services and sporadic employment. IV. Turnover tax (VAT) (Act CXXVII. From 2007.) The tax rate has not changed, generally 25%, in some cases (annex no. 2 of the VAT Act) is 0%, 5%, or 18%. V. Tax Income Tax (Act LXXXI. Of 1996.) The rate of income tax from legal persons increased from 16% to 19%, but was repealed a distinct mid-4% additional tax, which is subject to a trader. In the event of certain conditions is still possible in relation to their tax base of 50 million HUF, that apply a 10% weighted tax rate. Among the changes to the income tax law should be highlighted items increasing and decreasing the basis for calculating tax. Some of them include clarification, the amendments of a technical nature. Substantive change is that with the exception of concessions for investment, employment, copyright levies, incentives for research and development (R & D) for the notification of the acquired share in another company lifted relief calculated on the basis of that assessment. These items were, however, the correction, which are characterized by a departure from an accounting adjustment. Items are repealed as follows: reduce the basis for calculating income tax profit from operations concluded on a regulated market reduce the basis for calculating tax for profits made from the sale of units of the emission of greenhouse gases, reduction implemented by small and medium-sized businesses for the costs incurred for patent protection, utility model, odliczalność foreign exchange earnings realized from investments in small and medium-sized enterprises, relief related to the acquisition of works of art, implementation of local tax paid on income as a factor of belittling the basis for calculating the income tax law obtained / granted financial assistance amending the regulations relating to the half of the interest paid / provided by the combined business. If you support the organization of particular benefit to the public and grants provided under the interim agreement signed long you can still use donations of relief, which means the ability to deduct from the tax base 50% of the subsidy granted to the organization of particular benefit to the public, in the case of grants provided under concluded a long interim agreement of 20% of donations. Another difference is that the amount of possible subsidy is not conditional on the amount of profit before tax (yet only 20% of the profit can be treated as a donation subsidies), while additional concessions can be made to the value of profit. VI. Local tax on income from business (IPA) (the tax) Since 2010. tax authorities take over tasks related to the local tax calculated on income from the business. The result is that from 1 July 2010. advance on the tax be paid by way of self-taxation to the tax office, while maturities do not change. The result of devolution is to prohibit the use by governments of different maturity dates of payment of such tax.

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