Taxes in Austria

Taxes in Austria, Taxation in Austria, tax system in Austria

Income tax from individuals Income tax on individuals (Einkommensteuer) in 2004 is calculated according to the following scale: ?? to 3,640 euros - 0% ?? from 3640 to 7270 - 21% ?? from 7,270 to 21,800 - 31% ?? from 21,800 to 50,870 - 41% ?? over 50,870 euros - 50%. Since 2005, the current rates rise two four new ones: ?? 23% for incomes up to 25 thousand. euro ?? of 33.5% of revenue from 25 to 51 thousand. Euro. Income to 10 thousand. euro will be tax free. People earning over 51 thousand. the euro will be taxed at the rate remains 50%. The new tax rate means that the annual gross wages of workers up to the euro and 15 570 pensioners' incomes up to 13 500 the euro shall not be taxed. However, independent business income will be exempt from taxation only to the sum of $ 10,000. Advance (ie Lohnsteuer) in income taxes payable employing up to 15 each month. For employee income include certain benefits in kind (Sachbezüge) as car and housing allowances, free garage or so. incentive trips. Dividends paid to shareholders are taxed at 25%, as well as other capital income such as interest on deposits, income from shares and securities. This form of taxation is known as capital duty (Kapitalertragsteuer) and is a special form of income tax. In Austria, the income derived from agriculture and forestry are subject to tax under the Income Tax Act. VAT Basic rate of tax on goods and services (Mehrwertstuer) - that is, Polish VAT is 20%, and reduced rate - 10%. Is paid monthly or quarterly, if turnover does not exceed 22 thousand. euro. Turnover up to 7.5 thousand. the euro are not taxable. Excise duties (Verbrauchersteuer) harmonized within the EU: ?? excise duties on alcohol (Alkoholsteuer) of 1000 euros per 100 liters of pure alcohol ?? excise tax on cigarettes (Tabaksteuer) amounting to 57% of the sale price, ?? fuel excise duties (Mineralölsteuer) calculated in a specified amount depending on the type of fuel (eg, 0.417 cents in 1 liter of gasoline or 0.302 euro a liter of diesel). Non-harmonized excise duties: ?? Excise duty on beer (Biersteuer) - independent from alcohol content, but only the extract, ie 2.08% euro/100l/stopieñ Plato (from 01.01.2005 - 2.00 euro) ?? excise tax on energy consumption (Energieabgabe) ?? so kind. ?? Vehicle Excise (Normverbrauchsabgabe) - are taxable sales and leases of new passenger cars, excluding vehicles used as taxi, for example, rented for a short period of time, the taxable amount is the value of the car (with VAT), excise tax rate is 2% multiplied by the average the type of fuel the car, but not more than 16%. 2.4.3. Other taxes and local fees Austrian tax system is more than 60 different types of mandated benefits (Abgabe), sharing of taxes (Steuern), fees (Gebühren) and mandatory contributions or contributions in their own (Beiträge). Federal Taxes: ?? income tax law (Körperschaftssteuer) - The tax rate is currently 34%, and since 2005 the tax rate will be reduced to 25% ?? tax on inheritance and gifts (Erbschafts-und Schenkungssteuer) ?? real estate transfer tax (Grunderwerbsteuer) ?? tax on means of transport (Kraftfahrzuegsteuer) - includes only goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, ?? advertising tax (Werbeabgabe) - the amount of tax is 5% of the provision of advertising Insurance ?? tax (Versicherungssteuer) - taxable amount is the insurance premium. The rate depends on the type of insurance and amounts such as 1% for health insurance, and already 11% in the case of life insurance. ?? tax employer (Dienstgeberbeitrag) - the employer pays 4.5% of gross wages paid to employees for the Federal Family Benefit Fund, ?? statutory contributions for entrepreneurs izbowe (Kammerumlage) ?? levy civil transactions (Rechtsgeschäftsgebühren) - for example, charges on leases and lease charges on the loan, from loan contracts. ?? mandatory fee for the promotion of Austrian agricultural products: ?? fee for passenger safety in air transportation (Sicherheitsabgabe) - is included in the airport charges and amounts to 4.324 euros per passenger. Provincial-national taxes: ?? Fire Tax (Feuerschutzstezer) ?? Tax Hunting (Jagdsteuer) ?? fishing Tax (Fischereiabgabe). Municipal Taxes: ?? communal tax (Kommunalsteuer) - is 3% of gross wages; specific municipal tax in Vienna, the employer is an extra charge of 0.72 euros per week from each employee and intended to expand subway, ?? property tax (Grundsteuer) ?? tax on undeveloped land value (Bodenwertabgabe) - a specific variety of real estate tax. This tax does not include agricultural land and forests. Other taxes and charges: ?? tax on dogs (Hundeabgabe) in Vienna, for example, it amounts to 46.30 euro from 65.40 euros and each of the next dog ?? tax on the use of public land (Gebrauchsabgabe) ?? local fee (Fremdenverkhersabgabe) - is charged for accommodation of tourists, mostly in the amount of 1 euro per day, ?? fee for games (Lustbarkeitsabgabe) - 20% of the ticket price ?? charge on entertainment (Vergnügungssteuern) - 10% of the ticket price ?? charged landscape (Landschaftsabgabe) - is charged in amount for each ton mined in the municipality of gravel, sand or stone, ?? charged sports (Sportförderungsbeitrag) - usually 10% of the ticket price ?? church tax (Kirechenbeitrag) - is 1.1% of taxable income, with deductions in 1975, and since 2005, 100 euros.

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